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Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer (aka Plamer) developed his methods of teaching body flight over the past 12 years, at more than 50 different tunnels worldwide.  offering his expertise in body flight to all levels of flyers.  Flyers with minimal tunnel time will find Scott’s Dynamic progression of building a strong foundation of low speed technique easily approachable.

“Don’t let the term “Dynamic” sway you. It’s about teaching you how to fly confidently no matter what your wind tunnel experience may be. There isn’t some angle or axis that you don’t have access to, and turning down the wind speed allows us to teach you to fly transitions comfortably and at ease.”

Ratings & Qualifications

IBA I4, T3
USPA A,B,C,D Coach / Tandem / AFFe, S&TA, Pro
iFly Dynamic Coach

Achievements / Media Appearances

2014: WWXP D4W Bronze, Charlewars D2W Gold, Charlewars D4W 4th Place, iFly Gunslingers D2W Bronze / Team iFly Dynamic
2013: Voss Valhalla D4W Silver / Team Voss Ventus
2012: 138-Way Vertical World Record
2012: Battle of Bottrop D4W Gold / Team Voss Ventus
2009: Nitro Circus World Record Longest Indoor Flight
2009: Skyventure Orlando Gold Medals
2009: Paraclete XP 2-Way Freefly Gold (2 medals) / Team EP and Team Extended Play
2008: USPA Nationals 4-Way VFS Bronze / Team DeLand XP
2007: 69-Way Vertical World Record
Numerous Nitro Circus episodes from 2007-2009

**Wind tunnel coaching with Scott is $1050 an hour. $800 to the tunnel and $250 to Scott for coaching. For upcoming schedules or to book a slot, please contact Scott Palmer:**

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