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Paul Ferriman

Paul has been tunnel flying for 6 years, and starting coaching in the tunnel 3 years ago mentoring under Scott Palmer.

He loves to fly, loves to teach, and you can feel that energy while working with him. He coaches with a fun attitude, but still finds ways to challenge you.

Ratings & Qualifications
USPA D license skydiver with a coach rating and 4000 skydives


2015: 164-Way Vertical World Record (Skydive Chicago – 7/31/2015)
2014: WWXP D4W Bronze, Charlewars D2W Gold, Charlewars D4W 4th Place, iFly Gunslingers D2W Bronze / Team iFly Dynamic
2012: Judge @ Battle of Bottrop
2012: 138-Way Vertical World Record
2011 – 2013: European Vertical World Records
Numerous State and Country Records (Norway, Puerto Rico, Florida and Spain)
Over 350 hours indoor tunnel flying

** Pricing to fly with Paul in the tunnel for one hour is currently $875. $800 goes to the wind tunnel and $75 goes to Paul for coaching. He also flies frequently at Skydive DeLand. To contact Paul, please email: **

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